Throw out the TV

Today I will give you an experiment as a task. Lets say that at the moment you are watching television or surfing the internet for fun for about 2 hours every day. This is 700 hours in one year, or almost a month if you add it up.

Imagine if you would spend this time doing something else instead, something that would take you more near a goal that you had for a long time but thought you don’t have time or energy to reach. This could be learning a new instrument, sport or hobby, getting fit or loose weight, to build something, studying for a new career, the limits are endless. If you are new in a city, you can for example spend one hour every day walking different streets to get to know the area and get healthier at the same time.

I will not tell you what to do with all the extra time, what project you should choose, so now is the time for you to start fantasizing – and then make it real!

Fernsehturm TV tower Berlin

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