Today’s addiction of constant approval

Social media addictionFacebook, YouTube and social media in general have changed the world during the last years. Not only do these services let us keep in contact with more people on a daily bases, but people are also getting more and more addicted to constant approval. Within a few years everybody’s Facebook page will be public for anyone to see, and the structure will be more like Twitter with subscriptions and openness. This will result in everybody trying to be seen as much as possible, which will lead to the point where people will go to more and more extreme methods of doing so, with less concern for their privacy. This will result in a scenario like the TV reality show Big Brother, but on a much larger scale.

What would you do if you could not tell anybody what you were doing for one year? That is, if the only reward you got was from your self? Today people are used to get tons of positive comments on posts like what they eat for dinner, and this will only get more extreme. If we would take this away, will people still continue the same pattern of life or change their life style? Or will the trend break with social media being less used in the future, or at least used for different purposes? Already now we see an incredible acceleration in learning through online sharing, within for example hobbies & sports, technology and development exploding in creativeness. Either because people can see what others have done and duplicate it, taking it to the next level and share it again, or by collected knowledge from all over the world that can be used to solve problems.

One thought on “Today’s addiction of constant approval

  1. Thats a marketing strategy! addiction is just second level ( for example, my friend has had his FB, so why shouldnt I; my friend has shared a positive article or interesting quote, why I couldnt share it?! )-> Thats the copping. and the addiction is in the level of getting into FB, Twitter etc social networks each single minute.
    Google products as Gmail, Google+, iGoogle etc correctly used can be tools, as well twitter and Facebook accounts for companies, if its used correctly. Thats the question of skills, knowledge and use some professionalism or experience of case studies. LinkedIn( TOP 10 rated social network)- professional network is topic as well!
    not only these social networks with are well known all across the world, but the local ones. each country have their own at least 1 social network where for sure you have over 100 “friends”, photo gallery, notebook and opportunity to join groups. so< I totally agree in fact that these social networks will become public as twitter someday. It just depends how visible you wanna your life to others. Soon it wont be possible to control.

    other issue is: mobile phone, mobile internet and applications to these social networks. It works and how….
    Have you lately tried to find a simple mobile phone with its basic functions? hmmm… To CALL AND to SEND SMS!!!
    my parents are from older generation, they know what internet is, skype, social networks and how to pay bills online!
    but they really dont understand why I have got mobile phone with internet on it, applications to FB, Twitter, Gmail etc stuff…
    they keep telling me the old known truth: the best place and time is to be with your friends, nice people in reality, somewhere you wanna be and to face problems and solve them!

    21st century and the problem:
    most of young people FB ot tweet problems not face them!
    SHAME! and addiction.

    live a life!

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