Travelling alone VS travelling with a friend

Sometimes we travel alone and sometimes we travel together with one or more friends. Both variants are great and should be experienced by everyone. When you are travelling alone you have no one to adapt to, never having to make compromises. Every decision is your own. Things are more difficult but you feel more pleased after accomplishing them. You have time to think about life, sometimes too much time. Meeting new people is on autopilot, it happens automatically and all the time.

When travelling together with a friend on the other hand people tend to cling together, or at least not have the same need to meet new people. You always have someone to share all the new experiences with and someone who you together with can make good decisions. Your combined shared knowledge becomes a strength as well as your combined muscle power.

Be sure to take a friend you know well, or have a backup plan if you get tired of each other. Many friendships have been destroyed because of travel, but many friendships have also become stronger.

Enjoy however you are travelling and make the most out of it!

Travelling alone VS travelling with a friend

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