While doing a short backpacking trip I met a girl who was currently working at a hostel in Puerto de Mogan on Gran Canaria. She told me she is travelling the Waltz lifestyle, doing pottery. This means people who have studied at least 3 years of handicraft then leaves the country and travels around the world working in different workshops to learn from them. The goal is to do this for at least 3 years and 1 day, and to work at least half of the time in a workshop, while staying maximum 3 months in one and the same workshop. She also told me that because she moves around so much even after 2-3 weeks in one place she feels restless. While travelling they need to be in a special dress, for example white clothes with special zippers on the pants, a hat and a walking cane which is in the form of a natural spiral.

This mission is mostly performed in Germany and a few other countries in Europe. Most people in Germany (where she was from) just know about this culture, but not the details. To read more about Waltz, here is a link:


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  1. Yes it’s a good idea to travel and work at the same time. The main idea with Waltz though is that you learn from the different local workshops you work in, improving your skills from the different masters you meet.

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