How the water is reshaping our planet

The earth is all about the ocean and the mountains. About 75% of the planet’s surface is covered by water and the other 25% are the mountain “tops” that we are currently living on. The water also¬†continuously¬†reshapes our planet, with both quick drastic changes like landslides and changes that takes millions of years.

Erosion is probably the most common tool our planet has to reshape its surface, and also the slowest. The erosion can be done with some different techniques:

* Moving water from rain/rivers or on the shoreline moves or grinds land which ends up as pebbles, sand, silt and clay at new locations

* When water transforms to ice it forces land to crack which reshapes and moves it. Also land moves together with ice in what is called glacial erosion.

The results of the erosions are beautiful coasts and landscapes, incredible land formations and never ending caves, many of them beyond our dreams.

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