Wing Chun

I recently started training Wing Chun in a nearby park here in Las Palmas, after my current flatmate who works in Guardia Civil told me about it. This martial art is totally different from any other martial arts I have practiced before, as it is based on very near contact, a constant soft flow instead of hard attacks and also on combining defense and attacks at the same movement. The training of the choreography for the movements are meditative and helps you know and use your body better.

The story of Wing Chun, which nobody knows is true or not, is that the woman Yim Wing Chun is forced to marry a warlord if she can not beat him in a match of martial art. A Buddhist nun who earlier was in the Shaolin Sect helps her by teaching her a style that does not favor strength or force but instead coreography and quickness. She then defeats the warlord and marries Leung Bac-Chou, who also learn the style he later decide to call Wing Chun after his wife.

Wing Chun is a form om Kung Fu and have been practised by famous martial art people like Sum Nung, Yip Man and Bruce Lee.

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