Prices in Mozambique (examples from Maputo)

After three days here in Mozambique I am ready to give some examples of the prices here, mostly for regular living costs like food and transportation:

50 cl water bottle (store) 30 cent
500 cl water bottle (store) 1 euro
Tea (restaurant) 40 cent
Bread 10 cent
Vegetables (street) 40 cent / kilo
Fast food 40 cent – 1 euro
Food in normal restaurant 1-4 euro
Food in expensive restaurant 6-8 euro
Minibus (chapa) 50 cent
Rickshaw (chopela) 1-2 euro
Taxi within the city 2-3 euro
Mobile phone card
store / street)
50 cent for the card, 1-20 euro for charging
Mobile internet (mcel) 5 euro/day (1 GB – called “unlimited bandwidth”)
16 euro/week (3 GB)
20 euro//month (1 GB)
27 euro/month (3 GB)
48 euro/month (10 GB – called “unlimited bandwidth”)
Prices above are excluded modem and mobile phone card

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